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Is your relationship in that phase where you think nothing can be interesting anymore, where you believe that you tried everything with your partner?  Many couples find themselves in this limbo of monotony, where nothing is like in the beginning and sex becomes a mindless routine. So how to make things like before, how to make everything feel like that first kiss? Loosing virginity is one in a lifetime experience, you don’t get to have sex for the first time again by magically undoing what has been done but still recollecting what happened. So if your relationship is in one those stages where you think you’ve hit the point of no return, give yourself a couple of minutes to think about these methods.

  1. Couple counseling. There is no shame in going to these counseling therapies, they cost a lot but if as a result you get to save your loving relationship do it. If you can’t explain each other how you feel, what bothers you without getting into a fight definitely think about this option. These love gurus are people with psychology degrees, the only difference from psychiatrists and them is the fact that these people have a deeper meaning of what love for one another really is.200727_130804_sexy-shop
  2. Try a threesome. Bringing another person to your sex life can be interesting and is sure to spice thing up. Giving your partner freedom is essential in saving a relationship, and what better way than seducing that hot little blonde that just recently moved in next to you. Making sure that your partner is 100% percent confident about this is crucial. The rest is a magical experience that will definitely change the way you look at each other.
  3. Sex toys. Visiting a sex shop and choosing from a variety of dildos, vibrators, anal toys, cock rings, but plugs, strap-ons, love eggs or bondage toys will let you experience new moments with your soul mate. If your girlfriend wants to find new ways of achieving orgasm but is not quite sure how to go about it, bring her along on your next visit to you closest sex shop. Or stay at home and browse the internet in search of some roleplaying clothes, gimp suits, mascot bunnies and all kind of stuff.
  4. Role play. Make your biggest fantasies become reality, make your girl aware that sexy nurse outfit makes you horny, or if you’re in too kinky stuff, put on that gimp suit and fulfill your deepest sadomasochistic desires by letting her beat the hell out of you with a whip. Your boyfriend isn’t sexy enough anymore for you, the classic fireman scenario should do the trick. It is up to your dirty mind and imagination how you satisfy your partner.31458_1050.a8fc22e07cfd
  5. Become swinger. There are parties that are not too well accepted by modern society, even though this type of fun-for-everyone gatherings date back to Victorian era. Try sex with different people at a time while watching your partner do the same, these are places where perversion is accepted to the fullest extents, bringing orgasm to the new level.